Neuro linguistic programming

Hypno-cybernatics, mind-programming, hypnotherapy, psychic-healing, faith-healing, Neuro-linguistic-programming, Autosuggestion, Self-hypnosis.

Neuro linguistic programming
or say N.L.P. is very effective tool for self-transformation.
Used with self - hypnosis it becomes a powerful tool for re-programming the subconscious mind.
As you know your 90% behavior is under the control of this Subconscious Mind.
Mind accepts and body follows. As you think so you become. So the mind is the master of all functions.

Hypno-cybernatics helps us in achieving the goals in day to day life. It may be short term or a long term goal.

[1] Health and fitness
[2] Self-healing
[3] Social Relations
[4] Financial Freedom
[5] Peace & Happiness

Contact: A.K. Rathod